The creative barn

Welcome to the Creative Barn. Home of the one and only cassette tape closet: a closet built with 918 cassette tapes that are individually screwed onto a wooden frame. The closet has three doors which provide access to the huge storage space inside next to your comfortable fauteuils. It also features a mosaic tiles countertop! Look around on our website to learn more about this crazy awesome project, which took many, many hours to build and lots of patience to get just right :)

Why was it built?

The retro cassette tape closet was made to bring some peace and comfort in a large open work space. It function was to serve as storage space, as office space divider and look cool and creative at the same time. Cassette tapes were chosen as a building material because they are cool, retro and remind people of how good looking technology used to be in the old times.

How was it built?

The closet was built by hand using a lot of wood and a total of 918 cassette tapes. First a wooden frame was constructed. Then, the cassette tapes were individually screwed onto the wooden frame. The closet has three doors that provide access to the huge storage space inside. The closet features a mosaic tiles countertop, it stands on beautiful aluminum feet and the doors feature matching aluminum grips.

What is the size?

The dimensions are 275×57,5×136 cm. One edge of the closet is rounded, the other side is straight, it is made to stand at a 90ยบ angle in relation to a wall, with the straight side up against the wall.

Why is it for sale?

The closet was built for own use by a design start-up as an office space divider. Since January this year this design-start up has halted its operations and since then is looking for a new owner for its cassette tape closet.